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Charisma adds a real touch to technology, and uses it to improve the living experience. Space management ensures that everyday life doesn't feel constrained within the confines of four walls. This maximises use of space and helps avoid wastage.  By monitoring quality of materials consumed, processes applied, or ambience and amenities, Charisma ensures that the best is just a stone's throw away.

The technology team continuously researches new ways and means to advance quality and service timelines.
• Virtual reality techniques allow images to be pre-created to give the feel and look of the structure.
• L-shaped windows provide ample ventilation.
• Shear wall technology makes the structural design earthquake-resistant.
• Double shear wall acts as a regulator providing warmth during winter and coolness during summer.
• Better-quality exterior coating helps withstand the conditions created by man-made and natural elements.
• Aluminium Shuttering is used for slabs.
• To ensure durable and long-lasting structures, thorough R & D is done for technologically-advanced construction.
• An on-site testing lab tests cement, sand, steel and all the material that ensures that structural strength and    quality is never compromised on.
• All the blocks are checked for leakage by ponding test and treated before flooring.




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